In the beginning...

The Backyard Film Festival began in 2012, in the suburb of 'Chippo', in Sydney, Australia. A handful of friends needed something to get them though the long, hot summer. A creative outlet? A really good party?...... Both. 

Backyard Film Festival (BYFF) is a series of 'one-night-only' film-festivals. A celebration of independent cinema, community, and laughing / crying in the dark with strangers. It began spanning 2 backyards, and now spans 2 continents. 

Anyone can partake in BYFF, it is a call out to everyone in the city. Anyone that's ever considered making a film, or anyone that hasn't made one of their own for a while: professionals, first timers, your grandma and everyone in between.  BYFF is inclusive - we aim to show every film received. It's a reminder not to take art (or yourself) so seriously,  a reminder that by creating, sharing, and connecting with the people around us, we can become better versions of ourselves.